Getting Started with Zuri X Ingressive For Good Internship 2021

Getting Started with Zuri X Ingressive For Good Internship 2021

My Experience in One Week

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Victory Chiamaka Wekwa
·Mar 21, 2021·

2 min read

Getting comfortable in my tech journey and clocking a year soon, one of the languages i have always admired and want to learn is PHP, that is, after Python; Python will always be my first love but then you know what they always say about first love.

The zuri x I4G internship registrations started and it provided the perfect opportunity to learn that language and then i registered. Two weeks after registrations i got an invitation to join the internship workspace of over 17000 persons from all over the world.

It has been one week already into the internship and my experiences have been a great one. Some of my experiences in one week are;

  • I have been able to meet new people.
  • I have been able to connect with old friends.
  • I have improved my google searching skills.
  • I have been motivated by the mentors i have attended their sessions so far, sill expecting to meet more inspiring mentors too.
  • I am so wowed by how well the mentors are keeping the workspace so sane and organized.

I have so many expectations for myself in this internship and some of them are;

  • Network, meet new people and future partners.
  • Become a badass PHP developer.
  • Win some giveaways lol.
  • Build and host an application.

Special thanks to Zuri and Ingressive for good for organizing this learning opportunity and making it fully free and accessible to everyone.

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