How To Get Started In Blockchain


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How To Get Started In Blockchain

Table of contents

  • Five Steps to Follow to get Started in Blockchain.
  • Conclusion

Hello everyone, Welcome to the day three of my Crazy blogger challenge. If you are joining my blog for the first time, a very big thank you.

The Crazy blogger challenge is a writing challenge by hashnode where you get to write one article each day for Seven days consistently with no breaks, after which a Crazy blogger badge will be awarded to you.

Please take a lot on the day one and day two of my challenge.

In this Post, I will be writing on Steps to take to get started in blockchain. So sit back and enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Five Steps to Follow to get Started in Blockchain.

  • Have a knowledge about what blockchain entails, It's meaning, types, origin and how it started. Know it's why, how, what and for. You would agree with me that for you to be involved in a project, you should first know about that project. You can check out this post to get started on learning about blockchain.

  • Learn about the terms commonly associated and used in blockchain. After getting a basic knowledge on blockchain and learning about it's why, what and how, the next step is to learn about the terms that are associated with it so as to avoid getting lost in the journey. You can find some of the terms here.

  • Learn about Data Structures and Blockchain Algorithm. If you are looking to be a Blockchain developer, it is important you should learn about this and know this.

  • Attend Webinars, Events and Conferences. This will help you to learn from people first hand, give you more experience and a community of people with the same interest as you.

  • Take a Professional Course. There are so many professional courses out there with certifications. This courses will give you case studies to apply all what you know about blockchain and learn more. It will take you from a beginner to a Pro with consistency and commitment.


After knowing all this steps and applying them in getting started in blockchain. It is very important to know that consistency and commitment does the real work.

And Most importantly make Google your friend. You can always find whatever answer you need there, provided you ask the right question.

Thank you for reading through. If you have any questions you can reach out to me or ask in the comment section.

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