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·Sep 23, 2020·

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At some point, while learning, everyone gets stuck and needs to be able to understand better and be unstuck easily. In this article, I will be writing about several ways to get help and keep moving when the whole learning gets frustrating and confusing.


Taking a step

Before going ahead to ask others for help, it is important to understand the problem you are stuck on and make some personal effort in finding solutions. Some questions to ask yourself in this area are:

  • What am I trying to do?
  • What result is it giving me?

Answering the above questions will help to give a gateway to helping yourself before going to ask others.

Take a break

This is very important as it helps to refresh the brain after it has been overworked and gives a fresh understanding of what you are trying to do. The break does not have to be a long one, it could involve some physical activity like taking a short walk, or just taking a nap.

Try Again

Going back to the problem and trying to solve it again, following the steps in solving it from the beginning.

Search Online

Searching online is an important skill every programmer should learn as there are chances someone might have encountered that exact problem and solved it.

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You can search online by typing the problem on Google and clicking the search button.

There are some other places online to get help, some of them are:

  • The official documentation: Going through the official documentation of the Programming language you are learning can be a big help as it documents the language and the examples in it could be a great help.
  • Stackoverflow is one of the most popular sites for programmers to post their questions and get answers from others.

  • Blog post: Most programmers have blogs where they write about their learning, going through the blog posts of other people, you can find help in solving your problem as a programmer.

  • Reddit is also a place where you can post questions and get answers and advice from others.

These are not the only way to get help, there are other ways to get help too. You can also get help by asking questions in any community channel or group you belong to.

A popular saying has it that no one ever gets lost by asking questions.

Thank you for reading this post, you can drop your comment on other ways for programmers to get help and also like this post.

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