Second month as a Mentee in She Code Africa Mentorship Program Cohort 2

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Victory Chiamaka Wekwa
·Jul 26, 2020·

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In this article, I will be writing about what I have learnt so far as a mentee in She Code Africa Mentorship program Cohort 2.

The Mentorship program officially started in June with an onboarding call and then we were assigned to our various mentors.

The mentor for my track (Python track) added us to the group chat for discussions and then our meeting days were chosen.

During the first month, we went through the basics of Python; Adding python to path, itertools, classes, functions, list, dictionary, tuples, packages and then we were introduced to Django; a Python flamework.

The second month we started learning about databases and using Django as a Python flamework for web development.


Learning Django was an exciting moment as I have always been interested in the web development path of Python.

All thanks to my mentor I now have a better understanding on the basics of Python, got to know how important some concepts like using command prompt is, and building application using Django.

I am currently working on a blog app.

I will be writing another article about the application I am working on and the steps taken.

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