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Victory Chiamaka Wekwa
·Jul 30, 2020·

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It all started in May 2020 from a twitter post by @hackSultan.

At that time, I was already in stage 5 at startng internship.

I indicated interest,

And fortunately, I was selected, I was so happy when I saw the message requesting me to send a DM.

After the selection process, I was added to the slack workspace and my data was provided and the learning started.

Learning on progate was really great as it made me understand better python basics through the way the lessons were taught, I used both the progate app and the web version.

What I learnt

Tasks was given to us to test how far we have gone on python and one of those task given was on data visualization.

I was to do an EDA in Python, it was a big one for me, I didn't have any excuse, data was already provided so with the help of the mentor @okoyecb and @OwojoriErnest, I was able to source for necessary resources and successfully carried out my first EDA.



After the EDA, we were given another task to develop a model and I was able to develop a prediction model.



All this tasks gave me a better understanding of data visualization and analysis with Python.

I didn't just learn Python on progate , I learnt about databases, commandline and Git.

What happens on the Slack workspace

The slack workspace is not all about learning, I was able to connect with people and share ideas.

we have different channels for different purposes.

My best channels are the #ama #games and #random channels.

My best moments were during the ama sessions and games night.

I also had amazing and supportive teammates on the Python track.


This 3 months Sprint learning will be ending in August, and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Special thanks to all the sponsors of this sprint learning and the mentors.

What next?

The Learning continues!

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