Tips to Creating Catchy Contents

Tips to Creating Catchy Contents

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Victory Chiamaka Wekwa
·Jul 13, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • What is Content Creation
  • Tips to Creating Catchy Contents and be a great Content Creator
  • Conclusion

The importance of having contents cannot be overlooked.

For any brand, business or organisation to do so well, they should be able to put out great catchy contents that will attract Intending customers and retain the old customers.

Welcome to the day six of my Crazy blogger challenge. You too can join me, you just need to write consistently for Seven days without taking breaks.

In this Post, i will be writing on Content Creation and sharing tips on how to attract people through your contents.

What is Content Creation

Content creation involves all the processes and activities taken in order to meet the needs of your target audience.

Every brand or business have their own activities and processes to pass through in order to attract their target audience.

Example: Facebook and YouTube do not need to follow the same process in order to create content, because their target audience are different even though they may be similar.

Content creation is an important aspect of every brand that wants to keep running and doing well.

Infact if you are not creating contents and putting out things to attract your target audience, you are far behind.

Tips to Creating Catchy Contents and be a great Content Creator

  • Have a topic : The topic should be something related to your Brand or business.

  • Make Research : Search the Web and use Google to have a solid understanding of the selected topic.

  • Put your target audience first : When creating contents, be it video or written contents, it is important to put audience first in such a way that they can relate to what you are writing or talking about. This is one way to Win them over.

  • Teach them something : Content creation is to keep you in business but to be in business you need to have people. You can decide to teach your audience something related to your brand or similar. Educational contents should not be skipped in your content creation schedule.

  • Be a great storyteller : Yes, to create contents is to be a storyteller. You need to create contents that will appeal to the emotions of your audience.

  • Create Quality Contents : This takes you back to the first tip, to create quality content you need to make research and have a clear understanding of what you are putting out.

  • Have a Plan : Planning is very important, you should have a laid down plan before jumping to create contents. Your plan should cover; what to create, how to create it, time and things needed.


The stated tips are just few of the many and can be applied to the written, graphic and video contents.

And then do not just create contents randomly, the contents you create should be related and connected to your brand of business. For video contents, it is important to apply the use of trends for your contents.

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