Web3: What is the need for it.

Web3: What is the need for it.

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·Jul 12, 2022·

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The need for collaboration brought about the evolution of the Web from Web1 to Web2.

So why then do we need a Web3 when we can do so many things with the Web2.

Today is the day five of my Crazy blogger challenge. I wrote about the Web2 in my day four, you can check the post here.

In this Post, I will be writing about the need for Web3. But then, if Web2 serves the purpose of Collaboration, speed and use, why then do we need to move to Web3 and like I heard even



The Web3 deals on the feature of Read-Write-Own. It provided a more better way to access the Internet than the Web2. It was introduced by Gavin Wood, the Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of Polkadot.

The main aim of the Web3 is to give users the ability to own their own data and make the Web more open.

Some Features of the Web3

  • Decentralised : Users can own and control whatever they put out in the Web.
  • Permissionless : Everyone can have permission and equal rights to access the Web.
  • Integration of payment Option: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain were integrated as native payment options for transactions.
  • Trustless : It uses mechanisms and algorithms instead of the use of third party applications.

So with this so many features of the Web3, we can now see how different it is to Web2.

Highlights of Web3

  • Artificial Intelligence : We can not talk about the Web3 without mentioning how well it has done in the area of Artificial Intelligence and providing a more better Internet.

  • The Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Use of digital Wallets : The Web3 introduced digital wallets which can be used for transactions across different blockchains.


The Web3 fixes the problem of centralization though it still uses some features of the centralized Applications to build.

With the introduction of the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) users can earn millions of dollars selling digital assets in the Web.

It is more accessible and user friendly than the Web2.


The Evolution of the Internet


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